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Cancer and Skincare

I am a certified in Oncology Esthetics, having trained at The Skincare Therapy Institute.
Having cancer, whether it is treatable with surgery or chemotherapy or radiation can cause not only changes to your body and spirit but also to your skin. It is my honor to be able to help and uplift.
Regular facials and therapies are not the right treatment for your skin. But, the right treatment can improve your skin and just make you feel so much better.
Many products that you’ve used in the past, like retinol

Toners are good for you

     I was reading an interesting article about the importance of using a toner in your skin care regimen, and I wanted to pass along some interesting facts and a few tips.
Why toners are important
     Gone are the days of harsh astringents. New ingredients and a better understanding of the way the skin works has led to better toners that improve the skin. Toners will remove cleanser residue, balance the pH of the skin, and prep the skin for the other skin care products.

Can Myofascial Release Help my Child?

Myofascial Release is a gentle, comprehensive form of bodywork.  It is helpful in pin-pointing the source of aches and pains.  Sometimes the source is easy to find and sometimes it takes some searching.

Many childhood maladies have a fascial component.  Asthma sufferers often have restricted muscles and fascia around their chest.  Tight muscles and fascia in the neck and spine can cause headaches, dizziness, cognitive and behavioral difficulties.

While Myofascial Release will never claim to cure, it can be very helpful in easing a variety of symptoms.  Children generally only need 30 minutes of treatment at a time. 

Our Commitment

Everyone is looking for a good deal.  Today we have these places like Groupon, Living Social and Deal Chicken. But is it worth it to spend less and get below par services?  I'm not saying that every Day Spa that is offering these specials are giving clients less than stellar services, but unfortunately,  that has been my experience.  Yesterday, I had one of the worst facials ever.  It started off when I had to wait 30 minutes for my service.  That was the highlight, it went downhill after that.

Fall Pumpkin Masks

When I think of fall, I think about the great smell of pumpkin pies.  Last year I started offering my special Pumpkin Mask.  Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, skin healing and Vitamin C, anti-oxidant and zinc. This masks helps moisturize and soothes the skin.  It is perfect for all skin types.  I also add yogurt, which has lactic acid, which smooths rough skin, prevents fine lines and age spots. 
This year several clients asked me to offer this treatment again. So back by popular demand, October to November I will offer this wonderful mask.

Do Looks Matter?

It's easy to say they don't, but when I'm honest with myself, they really do matter.  I'm not talking about my personal appearances, but the appearances of my business and of other businesses.  I'm in a service business. It would be easy to say that I could do massage in a parking garage and the only thing that would matter is the effectiveness of the massage.  But the massage experience is not just about the massage.  It's about escaping reality for a bit, getting a reprieve from pain and stress, and leaving a happier person.  I can't imagine that happening in a parking garage.  That's why Cat, Kathy and I have made every effort to make our business an inviting, serene escape from your day to day life.  It's a place where you can be at peace with yourself and your body and leave the stress of life at the door.  It's why we use aromatherapy, offer you tea, heat our tables and play quiet music.  It's in the decor we've chosen and the pictures on the walls.  It's even the colors of the walls.  It's the plants and flowers we have outside and inside.  It's all for you!  Come visit your haven, it looks relaxing!


If you are having problems with break-outs, or if you skin is sensitive, there is an easy tip to try.  Instead of using detergents with perfumes, try the scent-free natural one. Also, try changing your towels and pillow cases more often.

Holiday Events

This Sunday--December 5th 11-5 we will be at The Holiday Bazaar 3217a S. MacDill Ave. We will be selling Gift Certificates and Sothys. We also have new products at Islander Massage and Skincare--Yummy Suds, Indigo Bee, dry brushes and more.. We can make up a gift package for you.  Take the stress out of the Holidays,

Pumpkin Facial

Really excited, bought everything I need for the Organic Pumpkin Facial. Can't wait to do the first one!
Call me--253-3086


I was talking to another esthetician today about the benefits of Dermafile. She just got them and wanted advice on when to use and how I like them. Dermafile is a holistic alternative to microdermabrasion, but it costs less and is less abrasive.
Not everyone can benefit from Dermafile, for example people with Roscea or fragile capillaries. Call me to at 813-253-3086 to see if Dermafile is right for you.  
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